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It's Currently All Hands to the Deck at Badgers Sett Holiday Cottages

Badgers Sett basking in the spring sunshine

It's Currently All Hands to the Deck at Badgers Sett Holiday Cottages

It seems curiously quiet here at Badgers Sett Holiday Cottages and indeed it's strange times for us all at the moment.

We can't wait to see our lovely guests return for a relaxing break away from it all, we miss you and hopefully we will get to welcome you in the not too distant future.

In the meantime we have been making the most of this unexpected free time and working hard on planned projects for our three holiday cottages and the barn where we live, to ensure that when guests are able to return, they will be looking their very best for you to enjoy during your stay.

Take a look at the pics below to see what we have been up to so far - Feedback is very welcome!

Thyme Cottage has a Makeover

Well we had to start somewhere .... We wanted the cottages to be fresh, bright without taking away from their character and to do this I was given the task of stripping the dark stain from all the window frames, doors and door frames throughout Thyme, and painting them in a crisp glossy white.

The double bedroom window frame was the first to be updated and the difference was amazing from the dark dingy brown to a light bright white, giving this room a much needed lift!

Thyme Cottage has a Makeover

Double bedroom window - before and after

Kitchen Window

Painting the kitchen windows was 'interesting' as the sink got in the way ! The other half took one look and delegated this task to moi stating boldly that as I was 'vertically challenged' it was the perfect task for me .....

I found that the most comfortable position to in which to paint was to crouch in the sink and to reach the higher part of the frame I wedged myself on the shelf between the sink and window - It's a good job that I am small and agile (sounds so much better than 'vertically challenged') !

Stable Door

Completing the rear stable door and frame was like crossing the final frontier of gloss painting in Thyme! The cottage is now flooded with light, creating a warm and spacious atmosphere.

My better half kept out of my way, possibly put off by my glazed eyes and slightly manic demeanour during these times .... preferring to dig out channels of rock and soil for the new electric cable to be run into the newly erected cabin, which will soon be our study and house the laundry room for guest's use.

Stable Door

From the dark side to light, white

Banishing Grotty Magnolia ....

Once all the woodwork was glossed white and looking fabulous the slightly dull sheen on the magnolia painted walls in the ground floor area stood out like a sore thumb, crying out to be coated in white.

We dithered and procrastinated for couple of days before taking the bull by the horns and covered everything that was possible to cover in old sheets and towels before commencing with a huge 'paintathon'.

One coat in we realised that this was definitely not going to hit the spot as the dastardly magnolia was still peeking out in several patches, stoically we applied a second coat and took a deep breath whilst checking out our efforts the following day and .... noooo! the magnolia was not going anywhere just yet as it was still visible!

A third coat of white was applied through gritted teeth and finally our reward was a light white success as you will see from the pic below!

Banishing Grotty Magnolia ....

Ground floor is light and spacious

Posted:11 April 2020

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