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Here Comes Summer .....

Here Comes Summer .....

It's here at last ..  Late Spring has finally morphed into a lovely early Summer. We have been basking in sunny climes here at Badgers for the past few days and 'he who does' is delighted to have his Man's toy, aka the sit on lawnmower, returned to him in full working order after sadly expiring on his second lap zooming round the gardens. He is now happily back in the driving seat and has developed an unnerving interest in the height of grass in different areas of the lawns!  In an effort to deter this obsession I prepared a 'to do list' for all other things outside requiring his attention, his response to this is that he is far too busy mowing the grass to do anything else at the moment   The gardens at Badgers Sett Holiday Cottages are looking lovely and are a fantastic place for children to play safely whilst parents can keep an eye on them whilst relaxing in the pretty cottage rear gardens, it's the perfect time to book a holiday with us - sunshine and beautiful scenery abound!

The pretty garden in Badgers Sett Holiday Cottages

Painting continues to be very much the current theme and a transformation is slowly taking place. All the cottage front windows and doors are now sporting the lovely sage green with the aim for June being to completely 'banish' the durgy brown by painting the back windows and doors too. The cottage interiors are also looking amazing and so much lighter as work progresses with painting in bright whites and adding splashes of colours by way of the new cushions, rugs and pictures. The character of the cottages still remains in abundance but is now complemented by the light oaks and soft greys of new furnishings creating a stylish and cosy ambience where you can completely relax and unwind, why not book a summer break with us or may be a short stay for a few days to see the changes for yourselves!

Our cottages are spacious and pet friendly

Guests are arriving on a regular basis and to handle the complexities of changeover days we have developed and fine-tuned our system which now generally works meaning we no longer need to rush out like mad things to purchase forgotten items !

the owners


June heralds The Royal Cornwall Show (7th to 9th), the Agricultural area is creating great interest, particularly all things of a Tractor nature, which apparently are needed to assist in keeping the garden looking groomed and tidy!  A Log Cabin is also pretty high up on the list of must haves, however, as this is probably coding for 'Man Cave' I am slightly sceptical and have plotted an escape to the Craft tents should this be necessary at the time!  We have some available dates in Lavender cottage for this duration if you would like to visit the show and require accommodation.

We are still loving the views from the Badgers Sett Holiday Cottages and enjoying living in this beautiful valley on the edge of St Neot Village.  We look forward to welcoming more guests on holiday here throughout the coming Summer Months.

Hopefully we will see you here too  :)



Julie (the other half of the Owner)



The Royal Cornwall Show

Posted: 30 May 2018

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