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Billy the Badger Says 'Hello' !

Billy the Badger Says 'Hello' !

Hello ! I'm Billy the Badger and I live here at Badgers Sett Holiday Cottages. If you're only small (like me), we can go out together while you're staying here with your grown-ups. I don't mind which of the pretty cottages I stay in, as long as I've got a friend to play with and to take me out for an adventure with them 

Billy Having Fun in the Rock Pools

Beside the seaside....

Last week, I travelled to the seaside. My cottages are close to lots of beaches so I get to visit all through the year. I love looking at the boats and imagining myself sailing on the waves looking at the fish. The boats were really small because they were far away, but my owner spotted a telescope on the cliffs, and when I looked through it, the boats were really big. I could even see the people on them ! I didn't see any other badgers but maybe one day....

Sandcastles and Yummy Treats

I visited beaches in Polzeath and Padstow at the weekend and they both had lots and lots of sand, which was great for building huge sandcastles !  There were also ice cream vans selling yummy ice lollies, which I love to eat on a hot sunny day.

Football Fun

I also sat and watched England play their football match with my flag and football, didn't they do well .....  My owner was sad they didn't win the cup though !  Here is a picture of me watching the match.

And Finally for Now

I am looking forward to going on lots of adventures with my new friends and will enjoy writing about what we did on our days out together here on this webpage.  See you all soon !

Polzeath Beach

Posted: 16 July 2018

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